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Rubio Monocoat Wood Stain Raw Wood Cleaner--Eco

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Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner is used as a cleaner for raw wood surfaces before the application of Monocoat Oil Plus. It also removes the natural oils from the surface of exotic wood species preventing a blotchy finish. This product can also be used to clean the materials that were used during the application. Raw Wood Cleaner does not open the wood grain. There is no need to saturate the wood, tack the floor overall and use more product only on soiled areas.

Why use a small amount of Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner?
- The revolutionary technology of
Monocoat Oil Plus uses molecular reactions to ensure that the oil bonds with the wood fibers. If there is dust on the surface, the oil can bond with the dust. As a result, when spreading the oil a microscopic paste can form on the surface. The oil will have bonded with the dust instead of with the wood fibers.
- The cloth should only be slightly damped with Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner. In that way the dust will be collected electro statically.


  • *  Sand and vacuum the surface in the appropriate manner.

  • *  Dampen a hand towel with Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner.

  • *  Clean/Tack a section of the wood. Add more cleaner as needed and continue the

    process. Replace or clean the towel as it becomes soiled.

  • *  When finished allow the wood to dry until it regains its original color. Drying time:

    15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the degree of product that has been used to wet the surface.